Revision of the theoretical and observational grounds of the seismic hazard estimates at a national scale


Coordinator: Paolo Gasperini



The authors have now focused on a well defined project: how to use the intensity maps to locate ancient earthquakes and to estimate seismic hazard. Using intensity maps is very difficult given the subjectivity of this approach, the techniques reported here are useful to put some objective constraints on the maps.  In addition, the improvement of the intensity data base is also a significant and useful outcome.


The estimation of seismic hazard  overlaps very much with the Amato and Cocco project. An inter project coordination about the evaluation of seismic hazard, PGA, attenuation, site effects, spatio-temporal earthquake clustering, etc would be welcome and benefit to both projects, and also to GNDT, under the condition however that each issue should be considered in close relation with its consequences on hazard estimates and their reliability and robustness.


The Committee is satisfied with the progress made this year.