The database of Earthquake Mechanisms of European Area (EMMA)


The folder \EMMA includes the following files and folders:

MS ACCESS 2003 database file
MS ACCESS 2000 database file
EMMA97.mde MS ACCESS 97 database file
Notes for the users (Acrobat PDF file)
GMT (version 3.4 or later) batch file to plot mechanisms
TOT_Database_SEL_CF_GMT_M.txt  Mechanism input file for GMT (ASCII file) 
Mechanism plot (result of Italy.bat) (Postscript file)
Harvard CMT catalog format example (ASCII file)
INGV.dek NGV RCMT catalog format example (ASCII file)
ETH RCMT catalog format example (ASCII file)

Folder \EMMA\bin

Convertk_cmt.exe Program executable to convert from CMT.dek to database import format
Convertk_ingv.exe Program executable to convert from INGV.dek to database import format
Convertk_eth.exe Program executable to convert from ETH.txt to database import format

To install the database please follow these steps: 


  1. Copy (drag-and-drop) the \EMMA folder from the CD-Rom onto the hard disk.
  2. Select the folder with the right-hand mouse button, choose Properties and then remove the Read-only attribute from \EMMA folder and from all included files and folders.
  3. Copy the file GMTENV.BAT (usually located in the \SRC folder of GMT package) to the \EMMA folder and rename it as SETPATH.BAT
  4. Copy the Ghostscript executable (i.e. GSWIN32C.EXE) to the \EMMA folder and rename it as GS.EXE
  5. From the Start menu select Control Panels and then double click on International. In the Numbers card, set decimal separator as "." (dot), thousands separator as "," (comma) (default setting for English language systems) and 4 decimal digits (default is 2). Do the same settings in the Currency card.

To run:

  1. Launch the database application (in \EMMA folder) by double clicking the .MDE file corresponding to the MS-Access version installed on the host computer (the unnecessary .MDE files can be deleted).
  2. From the MS-Access Tools pop-up menu, select Option. In the General card, set the Default Database Directory to the folder containing the .MDE file (for example: C:\EMMA).


A more exhaustive description of the contents and of the use of the the database can be found in EMMA_Tutorial.pdf 

Information on future releases of the database will be available at web address:

Comments, suggestions, notices of malfunctioning are welcome to the authors' e-mail addresses:


G. Vannucci and P. Gasperini (2003) A database of revised fault plane solutions for Italy and surrounding regions, Computers & Geosciences, 29, 903-909.

G. Vannucci and P. Gasperini, (2004) The new release of the database of Earthquake Mechanisms of the Mediterranean Area (EMMA version 2), Annals of Geophysics, Supplement to Vol 47, 303-327.



The software and the data are furnished freely as they are. The consequences of their use are completely under the responsibility of the user. Any warranty, either expressed or implied is excluded.